Minelab’s handheld metal detectors, generally recognised as the best in the world, enable Small Scale Artisanal Miners to find gold more cost-effectively and with less environmental impact, thereby improving their livelihoods significantly and supporting the development of their communities. Minelab engineers our detectors in our Australian Headquarters, from our Dubai-based company, Minelab MEA General Trading LLC. Minelab focuses on three key elements in supplying and serving our Artisanal Gold Miner End Users: Prospecting – Minelab detectors are easy to use and deliver effectiveness and efficiency for a relatively low investment. Community – Minelab detectors are suitable for family and cooperative investment and work sharing, and generate employment and income for all.  Environment – Minelab detectors provide clear environmental benefits because no harmful agents, eg mercury or cyanide, are required for gold extraction and there is minimal impact on landscape.