The ZIMEC 2023 agenda will be available soon.

The resolutions of ZIMEC 2022 will form the main topics of discussion at ZIMEC 2023 including:

  •  Enhanced collaboration between the Government and Stakeholders in both the Mining and Energy sectors leading to increased productivity.
  •  Stakeholders to support the Government to accelerate efforts aimed at revamping the mining industry especially on the Copperbelt, while the Government endeavours to curb detrimental illegal dealings and trade in the copper and emerald mining sectors that continue to compromise standards and promote price challenges.
  • Government to continue providing incentives in both the mining and energy sectors to foster investment for sustainable production that will facilitate the 3 million metric ton of annual copper production in 10 years as well as the projected power demand of about 10,000 megawatts.
  • The need for the Government to consider altering existing laws in the energy sector, mineral tax regime and in the emerald mining to encourage investment and only allow holders to export rough emeralds.
  • Local suppliers and contractors to be prioritized in the business supply chain while host communities must get benefits from all mining investments through CSR and job creation.
  • Development of a separate tax regime for the small- scale and artisanal mining for the steady growth of the sector.