Blessing Chitsenga

A former University Professor cum entrepreneur, 12k energy was founded in Botswana 2004 and now Headquartered in South Africa. Over 15 years as University Professor in Sciences including computer science, artificial intelligence, Networks and Energy & Fuels. 12k energy has grown to become Leaders in off-grid and grid-tied solar PV solutions in Southern Africa and Africa. Over 38MWp installed. Over 200 installations and Qualified Engineers. We offer Project Development (Wind & Solar), Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services and we are also recognized leaders in off-grid hybrid solar-diesel & Hydro. To date 12k Energy Africa has built five utility scale solar plants and also develops and bids wind projects. In addition to this, 12k Energy South Africa participates in the Government’s Small Independent Power Producer (IPP) Programme. 12k Energy Africa also constructs large embedded Solar PV projects that deliver cost effective electricity to a range of commercial and industrial end-users.