Patrick Schein

Member of the Board, Alliance for Responsible Mining

French entrepreneur in the precious metals world since 30 years in South America, Patrick Schein is the founder and CEO of an integrated precious metals french group specialized in the trading and refining.
This is where Schein got to know the Artisanal gold mining sub-sector, which both seduced and fascinated him especially discovering the social power of the sector.
In 2006, Schein was part of the founding team of the Alliance for Responsible Mining, which
introduced the principles of fair trade as applied to gold and established the first Gold certification standards and label “Fairmined” ( He participated in this exciting venture by serving on the association’s executive board and on the technical committee that developed the standard as a supply chain and refining expert.
Finally, Mr. Schein developed since 2011 the responsible artisanal certified gold emerging market linking the users of responsible resource to the artisanal and small-scale mines. He manages a player in sourcing, refining and distribution of Responsible artisanal traced Gold.
Recognized as an expert of artisanal mining supply chains, Schein conducted and participated to several studies for governments and international organisations on artisanal mining (gold, gems and construction material) in Africa, Latam and Asia.